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The Prince of Sorrow

By  tewodros   Published on May. 9, 2014   Hits: 2,576

Once upon a time there was prince of a great city and he had a friend crow. They were very close friends and spent most of their time together. Wherever the prince went, the crow followed him. Their intimacy was like families. 

One day the prince decided to go a long way to another city. In his adventure, he took his favorite white horse, his huge sword, and some food and water t ...

How Do We Deal with Insult?

By  tewodros   Published on Apr. 1, 2014   Hits: 4,548


Anger is the opposite of LOVE. Anger is committed when someone attacks us like a lion. Take for example that someone just insults us in a very disgraceful manner. When that happens, you will feel so much anger because of the insult. No one on earth will take something like that. A disgraceful insult can come to us like an arrow and we can feel it piercing through our soul espec ...

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