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The Word of God

By  Fasika   Published on Jul. 10, 2014   Hits: 2,891

God says on Hose, ‘my people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge’. He didn’t say lack of grace. He didn’t say lack of money or love.

Can you imagine how important it is to be in the truth? When the light of his word shines upon your face, no evil force can stand ...

Faithfulness to the Lord Part 5

By  tewodros   Published on Apr. 3, 2014   Hits: 3,015

Faithfulness doesn’t focus on the enemy we kill rather it is about to use and depend on God's name to kill a giant enemy. It is all about trust and LOVE and hope and faith. When it is in our capability, we find no help. But when it is more than we can bear, help has already come to us.   

No disappointment, no anger is bigger than faithfulness. But in these last days, ...

Faithfulness to the Lord Part 4

By  tewodros   Published on Apr. 2, 2014   Hits: 3,201

You need to control those habit you and God know that you know it is not good. Devil may even try to convince you that it is ok to do it. 

I know the poor who cannot afford to eat good, quality food will make it to heaven. But I don't know some immoral people would. So fight immorali ...

Faithfulness to the Lord - Part 3

By  tewodros   Published on Jan. 4, 2014   Hits: 3,004

When people curse and despise you and humiliate you, it is good to remember that they did the same with the Lord. You are not better that the Son of God. If they can say and do such evil things to Him, how much more they can do to you? Stay away from people like that. 

 < ...

Faithfulness to the Lord P2

By  tewodros   Published on Jan. 3, 2014   Hits: 3,104


If we see a huge accumulation of treasure, say a room full of treasure, we may think it is awesome. But when God sees that, it is nothing but a bunch of worms and full of crap. But when he turns a little far from it, he finds so little things that nobody saw it before. Nobody can e ...

Faithfulness to the Lord P1

By  tewodros   Published on Jan. 1, 2014   Hits: 3,684

Every battle brings its own glory and a lesson. Without falling, there is no rising and our lives will not have any meaning without these. Two things are more important than anything else in life - faithfulness to God and LOVE and kindness to others. 


The ...

Obedient Love and Faithfulness

By  tewodros   Published on Dec. 27, 2013   Hits: 18,415

He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.  1 John 4:8 

God's LOVE is the solution to all of our problems. When we face difficult situations, simply think of LOVE. LOVE make us do things that we can't do before. LOVE is the instrument of bearing instruction for loved ones. 

Obedience is the only way to express our love. Unexpres ...

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