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When to Be and Not to Be Angry

By  Tewodros   Published on Sep. 2, 2014   Hits: 2,687

Many men and women of God in the Bible felt the feeling of anger. Mosses and Elisha are examples for this. Mosses didn’t have to break the stone tablets in which the ten commandments of God were written. He was compeled to do it when he saw the Israelites sinning and worshiping idols instead of the most fearsome God while he was away for a while to receive the 10 commandments fr ...

How to deal with Anger?

By  Tewodros   Published on Sep. 1, 2014   Hits: 3,144

In ths life, we may not have seen any other form of feelings and state of mind that weakens the immunity to sin other than this wild, ablazing, agitating kind of feeling known as anger. It causes too much problem for a christian who is separated to live a life of righteousness in Christ. Most of the sins that christians commit are related one way or another to anger. I cannot recall any of ...

How Do We Deal with Insult?

By  tewodros   Published on Apr. 1, 2014   Hits: 4,548


Anger is the opposite of LOVE. Anger is committed when someone attacks us like a lion. Take for example that someone just insults us in a very disgraceful manner. When that happens, you will feel so much anger because of the insult. No one on earth will take something like that. A disgraceful insult can come to us like an arrow and we can feel it piercing through our soul espec ...

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