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Blog are categorized by categories and tags. This will help to search all blogs under the same category (eg. Relationship to God) or sharing the same tag (eg. salvation).

Members are immediately notified when other users comment on their blogs. This feature is available at the top right hand side of any page by clicking the star icon. This feature is available only for registered users.

Dailychristianblog has passed total page views of 30,000 and more than 5,000 visitors.

User Status page will allow users to instantly post and share their blogs to others. It has picture upload feature that will allow to upload pictures for your blogs from your computer.

Blogs page allows users to read comments posted by others and also comment on blogs.

Users can start their own blog once they get registered and become a contributor to daily Christian blog online Christian community. There is no wait time for new blogs to be posted on our website.

Users can update their profile page and send private message to web site admin.

Advanced search feature is available to search blogs. These feature allows seraching by author, date and blog category.

Blogs are archived by date, month and year so that they can be easily accessed.

User can send Prayers that we and other dailychristianblog members should pray for them. They may also encourage someone by posting their prayer who needs prayer and support through dailychristianblog. All prayers are private and can only be accessed by the registered members of dailychristianblog.

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